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LED Cube 100 IC is a compact UV irradiation chamber for use in the laboratory or for manual production. By employing different LED units the emission range and the intensities are adjustable to various fields of application.
LED assembly, as well as an electronic power control, guarantee high intensity and homogenous distribution of light. The recognition of LED-malfunction and a comprehensive monitoring function provide very high process stability.

  • LED Cube 100 IC can optionally be operated with the powerful LED Spot 100 HP IC for high-intensity irradiation or with the LED Spot 100 IC for all processes which require lower intensities.
  • Typical service life of a LED is more than 20.000 hours***. 
  • The LED Cube 100 IC can be switched on and off as often as necessary, as LEDs do not require a heating or cooling phase. 
  • The emitted wavelengths are available in 365/385/395/ 405/460 nm +/- 10 nm. This allows to adapt the LED unit to the existing application. 

Compact dimensions:
  • The irradiation chamber LED Cube 100 IC with a usable irradiation area of approx. 180 x 180 x 180 mm (HxWxD) is especially suitable for smaller workpieces or workpiece carriers. 
  • The reflective inner surface and the optimized reflector geometrics provide for a homogenous irradiation and a high process reliability.

  • Bonding, fixing or encapsulating components in the electronic, optical or medical-technical sector
  • highly intensive UV irradiation in the biological, chemical and pharmaceutical sector

LED activation
  • Irradiation time can be optionally set between the ranges 0,01 - 99,99 sec. or 0,1 - 999,9 sec. or 1 - 9999 sec. Alternatively, continuous operation can be chosen.
  • Operating status and the actual temperatures of the LED segments, as well as the irradiation times, can be seen on the display at one glance.
  • Electrical LED power can be adjusted in 1%-steps between 2 % and 100 %.
  • Light exposure can be activated whether by keypad or foot switch.
  • Device records the service hours of the LED unit and of the controller.

LED Cube 100 IC Operational safety
  • LED Cube 100 IC has got a safety system which guarantees that the user is safe from UV radiation. 
  • Door and LEDs are logically connected: When the door is opened during operation LEDs are switched-off immediately.

Technical data
  • LED service life > 20.000 hours***
  • Adjustment range of timer (in sec.) 0,01 - 99,99 or 0,1 - 999,9 or 1 - 9999 or continuous operation
  • Wavelengths in nm: 365, 385, 395, 405, 460
  • Light intensity: depending on wavelength up to 3000 mW/cm2
  • Power supply: LED powerdrive, 115 – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz, max. input current 5,0 A

Advantages of LED technology
  • LEDs do not emit IR radiation. Even temperature-sensitive materials can be irradiated. As LEDs do not require a warm-up phase, LEDs can be switched on and off without any problems: they are ready for immediate operation.

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