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Molykote solutions for Valve lubrication

Molykote solutions for Valve lubrication

In the intricate machinery of industrial operations, valves stand as guardians regulating the flow of liquids and gases with precision. However, the smooth functioning of these vital components hinges on effective lubrication, ensuring seamless operation, longevity, and reliability. In our portfolio of Molykote industrial lubricants range you will find specific lubrication solutions for valves and their different components related to the gas industry, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, refineries...

Recommendations for Molykote lubricants for valve joints

Molykote 111 Compound:
  • Compound silicone-based, with a huge lubricating and sealing power, ensuring tightness under high unfavorable conditions: environmental, temperature and pressure.
  • It does not harden, and is highly resistant to water washing.
  • It is an excellent product for all types of joints and seals of plastic or elastomeric nature.
  • It provides great sealing power. It supports vacuum conditions.

Molykote G-5511:
  • Compound of silicone base, teflonado (PTFE), with characteristics very similar to Molykote 111 Compoud, with the particularity that has recently acquired the DVGW Certification to guarantee its functionality with direct contact with gas.
  • Also suitable for joints and valves subjected to direct contact with water: WRAS, DVGW, NSF H1 certifications …

Dry lubrication of metal components

Molykote D-321R:
  • It is an AFC (anti-friction coating).
  • It is a dry film lubricant varnish. It is like a painting and, as such, it is a product that has a curing time (about 15 minutes at room temperature) so that its solvent phase and the film of solid lubricant remains on the substrate.
  • Curing time is a characteristic of dry film anti-friction (AFC) coatings. Its content in Molybdenum Bisulfide, MoS2, is about 29% of its composition. Lubrication completely clean and dry.

Molykote 3400A LF:
  • It is an AFC (totally dry lubrication) highly resistant to direct contact with gas or hydrocarbons of different nature.
  • Very low coefficient of friction.
  • Excellent adhesion and protection against corrosion.
  • Hot curing (30 minutes at 200 ºC).

The most important thing when using AFC is that they are applied on metal surfaces as clean as possible, so that the product remains in good condition on the substrate.

Important when using an AFC as the Molykote D-321 R in spray format (and in general, any spray), you shake the container well before applying the lubricant, in order to thoroughly homogenize the product so that from the beginning until the end, keep the same properties.

Although it seems obvious, it is important to emphasize that this previous homogenization is necessary, especially if the product has been unused for some time, because the lubricant solids that it has are denser than the oil and are gradually precipitating towards the container well, producing an unwanted phase separation inside when the product is unused for significant periods of time.

Therefore, by way of summary, always shake before using to project the lubricant completely homogeneous thus ensuring that all its properties are preserved.

Project at a constant speed from a distance always the same of about 15-20 cm.

Finally, as we mentioned a moment ago, the previous cleaning of the application is always advisable to guarantee the best functionality in this and any other product. Within the Molykote range, there is the Molykote metal cleaner.

Molykote metal cleaner:
  • For the cleaning of metal surfaces with a product that combines different organic solvents of rapid evaporation, that do not corrode or leave residues (it does not have a technical sheet since it is only a mixture of organic solvents).
  • Of very easy application also in spray. Once the surface is completely clean and conditioned, the subsequent application of an anti-friction coating (AFC) such as the MOLYKOTE D-321 R will have an excellent anchoring and will guarantee a more effective protection.

Lubricants for Stick-Slip problems (adhesion – slip) on valve stems:
  • Molykote D-321 R could be used on the rods for a lower coefficient of friction, but if the use of a lubricant with more body is needed, Molykote G-N Plus can be used. If you want the same but with a white lubricant (cleaner) and that is water resistant, Molykote DX.
  • If the materials of the actuators are not only metallic but metal- plastic combinations, Molykote PG-21 can be applied to avoid the stick-slip.

Molykote metal protector:
  • Anti-corrosion coating for metal parts that have to be transported or stored for long periods of time.
  • Resists more than 500 hours in the salt chamber test, an authentic guarantee of protection against oxidation and corrosion of all types of metal parts and components.
  • Available in spray format that allows a very easy operation or in 8 L liquid drums, for a very simple protection of the pieces by immersion or brush application.

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Molykote solutions for Valve lubricationMolykote solutions for Valve lubrication
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