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SILICONE FOAMS good to know




SILICONE FOAMS good to know

SILICONE FOAMS good to know
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Dow’s two-part, dispensable silicone foams offer a cost effective
alternative to preformed gaskets and foam tapes
for applications in automotive, aviation, consumer and
industrial devices, electronics, lighting, medical devices,
and telecommunications.
Within these markets and others, Dow’s high-performing
silicone foams deliver outstanding benefits in applications
such as:
  • Environmental seals
  • Dust and vapor seals
  • Heat shields
  • Vibration insulation
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Outdoor electrical gaskets
  • Chip package and battery cushions
  • High-intensity discharge lighting seals
  • Timing belt covers and door modules
  • Gas boiler gaskets

Benefits of silicone foams from Dow:
  • Low compression set of dispensed seals translates into high serviceability
  • Low modulus and force deflection behavior of cured foam seals delivers more flexible joint design
  • Durable protection against harsh conditions, including wide
  • operation temperatures, chemicals, UV, dust and moisture
  • The ability to form in place, allowing fast and accurate processing, increased throughput, and the elimination of costly automated or manual placement processes
  • A sustainable solution that minimizes waste during processing and requires no external blowing agents
  • Compatibility with a broad range of two-component mixing and dispensing platforms

Performance features of silicone foams from Dow DOWSIL™ and SILASTIC™ silicone foams offer reliable, cost-effective options to manufacturers who seek foamed-inplace gaskets that dispense and cure directly on parts. These integrated compression gaskets deliver long-lasting, flexible seals for a competitive edge.
Dow’s portfolio of dispensed foams encompasses both room temperature and addition cure mechanisms that, with the application of heat, can deliver accelerated cure for faster cycle times and improved productivity. Dow’s selection further offers a variety of flow rates and densities, providing greater control over foaming height relative to flat or inclined surfaces. They have
a generally low compression set that enables them to recover their original shape after being compressed. Like other silicone based elastomers, silicone foams maintain their resiliency over a broad temperature range.

More efficient manufacturing - Typically dispensed directly on part surfaces with a robotic applicator, Dow’s two-part silicone foams are designed for efficiency in processing.

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